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Commercial Garage Doors Repair

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Many people think of garage doors as those large, and sometimes heavy doors found in residential homes. At Multi Garage Door, we know that hundreds of commercial buildings around the region use these doors too. Those doors are important for a number of reasons. Your doors keep your employees safe from injuries, protect your valuable equipment and products from thieves and add stability to the overall building. Take a look at some of the garage door repair services we offer commercial property owners like yourself before calling for help.

Spring and Mount Garage Door Repair

Many of the problems you encounter on a daily basis occur because of problems with the springs and mounts. Springs are tightly wound metal components that let a door raise and lower with minimal effort. Over time, those springs can loosen, which will make the door fall down faster than you would like. If the springs are too tight, raising and lowering that door can take a herculean effort. Other common problems can occur because of the mounts that you or your original installer used.

Depending on the type of commercial doors you choose, you may also encounter problems with the door tracks. The tracks mainly act like a metal frame that keeps the door in place. You’ll usually see thin pieces of metal installed along the walls and edges of your door. As the door comes down, it follows along that track, which guides it. If you close that door too hard, you risk bending the track. The track can also deviate from constant use, when something lodges in the track or when you have a workplace accident. Replacing the track will help your door glide along smoothly again.

Opener Replacements

When you see a lot of customers come through your door every day, you should invest in a garage door opener. These openers are perfect for mechanic shops, repair shops and manufacturing facilities that use their doors regularly. Instead of risking an employee straining his or her back from lifting that door, you can let your workers open the door with a push of a button. We can help you pick out a solid opener and install that opener to work with garage doors. Our technicians can also reprogram an opener or help you pick out a replacement opener.

Why Choose Multi Garage Door?

If you need to fix garage door components and accessories, make Multi Garage Door your first call. Our qualified and experienced technicians go through rigorous training and know what local customers want and need. We can help you pick out a garage door replacement made from heavy-duty steel or another type of metal, but we can also install that door on your property. Commercial buildings need doors that offer more protection and do a better job of preventing accidents than residential doors do. If you need help selecting, installing or repairing your commercial garage doors, call Multi Garage Door and schedule your first appointment today.