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Emergency Garage Doors Services

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The only people who feel prepared for an emergency are those who never lived through one before. Whether you have traditional carriage doors on your garage or an expensive new door that comes with its own opener, you never know when an emergency might happen. If that opener stops working just as you head off to work in the morning, you’re stuck at your home until help can arrive. 

At Multi Garage Door, we offer emergency garage door services for locals who need repairs done quickly. You might need an emergency garage door repair later in the day instead of early in the morning. What would happen if you hit the opener after coming home in the middle of the night and finding that it wouldn’t open? Depending on the weather outside, you might not want to leave your car parked on the street or in your driveway all night. When you call our office, you’ll reach help 24-hours a day and seven days a week. We always have technicians standing by and ready to face a number of different emergency situations. You can even contact us on a holiday weekend or in the middle of a major holiday. 

Emergency repairs can include any number of garage door components, including cables and springs. Some manufacturers prefer springs because those parts do a good job of retaining the pressure and support necessary to keep that door from accidentally falling open. Other manufacturers like cables because cables often last longer than springs. If your door keeps closing on its own, or you have problems getting the door to lift up, you might need a garage door cable repair. After troubleshooting your door, we’ll explain whether you need a new cable or spring or if your door needs replacing. Many of the 24-hour garage door repair calls that we respond to come from customers concerned with their garage door openers. These openers rely on a particular frequency and use that rate to ensure that each button you press on the remote corresponds to an action the door can do. You may encounter a few problems because a neighbor purchases the same opener or because other signals in the area interfere with that frequency. With our garage door opener repair services, you can once again open and close your garage door without feeling any pain in your back or lower body. We are a 24/7 experienced local company who can respond to calls in any surrounding area. Our services include Genie garage door repair and repairs on doors from other manufacturers too, but we can also replace broken or worn out parts and offer solutions for your opener problems too. All our expert technicians have experience with repairs, replacements, and installations too. Even if you don’t need emergency help, you can call us to get help choosing new doors for your garage and to hire experts to install those doors. Let Multi Garage Door fix garage doors and handle all your other part and opener problems too.