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Garage Door Opener Replacement

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Having a garage door opener can make your life a little easier and convenient. Instead of fighting to raise and lower that door, which can make you throw out your back or pull a muscle, you can press a single button and watch that door come down and rise. At Multi Garage Door, we know that it’s frustrating when your opener stops working. That is why we offer garage door opener replacement services. Let our professional team determine whether you need a brand new opener or if we can fix your existing opener for you.

One common issue occurs when a neighbor purchases a garage door opener from the same manufacturer. Each opener uses a particular frequency that works with the wall switch inside. If multiple homes on the same block rely on the same frequency, your opener may start picking up another garage. You may find that your neighbor’s opener can suddenly open your garage too. Our professional team will check both the opener and the wall switch. They may find that you need new wires in that switch or that you need a new switch rather than a new opener.

If you need someone who can fix garage door openers, feel free to give us a call. Not all repairs take as long as you might think. Our team will come to your home, check the opener and all areas of your garage door system and decide what to do next. The troubleshooting that we offer ensures that you get the right fix for your particular job. Many locals turn to us because the lights on their garage door switches stop coming on, their openers stop working, or they want a new custom system designed just for them.

As we offer both replacement and installation, we can install a brand new opener system or even a garage door. A custom system might include an opener that works with a keypad installed on the front or side of the garage. This keypad lets you access your garage, even if you lost your opener or left it in your spouse’s car. Some systems will even let you assign different codes to different users. Those codes let everyone from your housekeeper and mechanic to your family and friends get inside your garage.

Multi Garage Door is a full-service company that offers a number of residential garage door services. In addition to fixing and repairing garage door openers, we can also install new garage doors, troubleshoot common garage door issues and give you advice regarding what type of door is best for your garage. We have experience working with products from all the top manufacturers, including Genie, Chamberlain, and Stanley.

When your garage door opener stops working, you’ll have a hard time getting inside your garage. Instead of leaving your car parked on the street in the rain, call us. With our garage door opener replacement services, you can get a new garage door opener that works like a dream as soon as today.