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Overhead Garage Doors Installation

Overhead Garage Doors Installation

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Overhead garage doors are among the most common type of doors found on residential garages. Older homes may use carriage doors, which glide along a bottom and top track. The doors often tuck back inside the walls of the garage door or along the front of the garage. These doors date back to the years when people used carriages instead of cars. Overhead doors come down from the top of the garage and give you complete access to your garage. Whether you need overhead garage door installation or repairs, you can count on us. When you need to choose a new door for your garage, you need to consider a few things. The most important thing to consider is size. If your measurements are off by just a single inch, that door won’t fit in the opening. You also need to think about the style that will work best with your home. Some doors use raised panels that can make your garage stand out from your house. Others use flush or flat panels that have a more traditional look. We also recommend looking at the overall construction. Even if you opt for steel, which is the most durable material, you need to look at the differences between single, double or triple layer doors.

Overhead Garage Door Installation

At Multi Garage Door, we can help you with everything in regards to garage doors, including picking out a new door and installing that door. We can send techs out to measure the size of your garage. They can then use that information when showing you styles and designs that you might like. We also offer support when it comes to installation. Whether you install a single door, double doors or a completely new system with an opener, we take the time to make sure everything works properly and that you’re satisfied with the work we did.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

We specialize in assisting those living in San Francisco, San Jose and all surrounding areas. While some think we only handle the installation of those doors, we also offer troubleshooting help to identify problems with your doors and openers. If you have a garage door system that stops responding to your opener, you may need a new battery. That repair may also require a re-calibration of your system. You may encounter other problems like a door that sticks as it comes down or one that comes down so fast that you hardly have time to get out of the way. With our services, your garage door will work perfectly again.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

At Multi Garage Door, we have appointments every day that will work around your busy schedule. We can send someone out before you leave for work in the morning, after you come home at night or any other time you need. Call our overhead garage door company today to schedule an installation appointment, a troubleshooting job or a repair that gets your door working again.