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Overhead Garage Door Repair

Overhead Garage Door Repair

Common Overhead Garage Door Problems

When a cable snaps, a spring breaks or you encounter problems with your transmitter, your overhead garage doors may not open. Some may find that their doors open slightly, that the doors stop halfway down or that the doors stop working with the electronic opener. Though some claim that you can fix most problems yourself, you risk doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to those doors. Getting professional help is an easier solution. Let Multi Garage Door take care of your doors with our overhead garage door repair solutions.

You may not realize that your garage door system features a transmitter. This transmitter sits inside the garage and is usually near the center of the ceiling. It has an eye on the front that works with your opener. It picks up the signal produced by that opener and tells the system to raise or lower the door. There is a chance that the battery inside the transmitter stopped working. We may find that the range of that transmitter is off too. This can mean that you need to be closer before it will respond to your remote. The track surrounding your garage door is what helps keep that door aligned. Usually made from a heavy-duty metal like steel, it can withstand most of what you put it through on a daily basis. If, however, you accidentally back into that track when pulling out of your garage, you can bend the metal. The track can also bend because you hung holiday decorations or other items from the door. Manufacturers design these tracks to accommodate a certain amount of weight. Any additional weight can put pressure on the track and force it out of alignment. Some of the more common issues we find after doing garage door troubleshooting is problems with the springs and cables. A snapped cable will cause the garage door to tilt at a dangerous angle. This can cause the door to come down slower or rise slower than it should. It may also stop the door from going back into its overhead position. Broken and damaged springs are just as dangerous. A broken spring can actually make the entire door fall down on your car or even on your body. As you may not see those broken springs or cables with a visual inspection, it’s important that you hire professionals to troubleshoot the problem.

Overhead Garage Door Repair Solutions

A garage door that stops working is a major inconvenience. It can leave your car stuck inside your garage, making it difficult for you to get to work. It’s almost impossible to know whether you need a minor or a major repair without seeking professional help first. At Multi Garage Door, we are an overhead garage door company that responds to calls quickly and will do whatever it takes to find a solution to your problem. For service in the East Bay and San Francisco areas, call our office today to make an appointment.