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Installing new doors on your garage is an easy way to update the look of your home and boost its curb appeal. Those doors come in a range of colors and styles, including old-fashioned and traditional designs as well as those with a more modern or contemporary look. If you look online, you might find tips on installing those doors yourself. At Multi Garage Door, we recommend that you hire professionals like our team to do your residential garage door installation. This will save some time and reduce the risk that you might injure yourself.

Removing the Old Doors

Removing the old doors is the first step we take when installing new doors. Depending on the construction, those doors can easily weigh a few hundreds pounds or more. We take the time to remove all cables and springs first. If a cable snaps or a spring breaks, the whole door can come down right on top of you. If you have an electronic opening system already in place, we’ll disconnect the wires and later reconnect those wires to make that system work with your new doors.

Two of the more important parts of any garage door system are the springs and track. You may not realize that the tension used in those springs plays a key part in how quickly or slowly the doors come down. Doors that come down too quickly can damage your car or even injure you. If the doors come down too slowly, you risk someone sneaking inside and stealing from your garage. You also need to ensure that the track is even and that the door sits properly inside. We always take the time to fully prepare the springs and check the track when we install residential garage doors.

Attaching the Cables

Another important part of your system is the cables. Most systems feature one cable that works with a pulley. The cable connects to two pulleys on either side of the door and a header bracket. As you need specialized tools to attach that cable, it’s best to let the professionals handle the job for you. We use a pair of locking pliers to pull the cable as tightly as possible, which keeps it from coming loose in the future. Installing the cable yourself may lead to you not tightening it enough or tightening it too much.

Professional Residential Garage Door Installation

There are dozens of things that could do wrong when installing garage doors on your own. The cable may come loose and hit you hard enough that you need stitches, the springs may lack enough tension to support the doors or the track may come loose from the garage. Whether you already bought a new garage door, or you need help selecting a new door, call our office. Not only will we help you find great doors, but we can also schedule a time to install those doors too. Call us to find out more about our install new garage door services.