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At Multi Garage Door, we specialize in the repairs of garage doors and offer services for those living in the East Bay area, including San Francisco and Oakland.

Squeaky noises coming from your garage door is just one common sign of a problem. You may also notice that the door doesn’t move as smoothly as it once did and that it takes more effort to raise and lower it. If you have a garage door opener, you’ll also deal with problems like keys that stick together or buttons that stop working over time. At Multi Garage Door, we specialize in the repairs of garage doors and offer services for those living in the East Bay area, including San Francisco and Oakland.


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As we treat all customers with the respect that they deserve, they come back to us for residential garage door services years after making their first call.

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Commercial business and property owners also contact us for help with garage door maintenance because they know that proper maintenance can extend the lives of those doors.

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At Multi Garage Door, we offer emergency garage door services for locals who need repairs done quickly.

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If you need a 24/7 overhead door company, you need us. We know that you might need overhead garage door service outside of the nine to five hours that other companies keep, which is why we never close.

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Fixing your door starts with some standard troubleshooting. We will ask you about the problems you encountered to get a good idea of what caused the problem, but we’ll also experiment a little in the field to make sure that we know exactly what happened. Many of our technicians have decades of experience providing locals with fantastic garage door service, and they can help you with your problems too. When you call today, you can schedule a simple repair, installation of a brand new door, replacement of any parts and even general maintenance.

There are a lot of factors you should look at when choosing a new garage door, including:

  • whether you need any insulation
  • the color of the door
  • the style of the door
  • internal and external materials

whether it fits with your existing system

You may prefer a hardwood door with a traditional look that comes in a neutral color that matches the rest of your house, or you might like a sleek and modern garage door made from stainless steel. We’ll do everything in our power to find a door that fits the style of your home and works with your budget.

Some of the garage door repair services we provide include repairing broken or damaged tracks, replacing the springs in the door, fixing automatic garage door openers and replacing broken openers from manufacturers like Genie. You can also ask our techs for help choosing a new opener that will work with your existing door. Many like openers that they can use from their vehicles but also let them open the door from outside the garage. We offer help with both opener and garage door installation.

We know that quality parts will make your door last longer, which is why we provide high-quality garage door replacement parts to all our clients. Those parts include springs, tracks, and even openers. Whether you need to order new parts, need help choosing a new garage door or want to schedule an appointment for garage door maintenance, Multi Garage Door has you covered. Contact our garage door company to get a technician to your home in as little as 30 minutes.


Celeste D.

“I was having a hard time opening my garage doors a few days ago. There was a problem with the spring mechanism that needed to be fixed right away. I called up the pros at Multi Garage Door in San Jose to help with the problem. The customer support people couldn’t be any nicer. They’re also very reasonable, which is quite a relief. The garage door technician managed to repair the damaged springs in almost no time at all. We also discussed a few safety tips on how to prevent the springs from getting rust, which causes them to get jammed. He also suggested a special spray to put on the garage doors, so the doors remain lubricated. Needless to say, I was super happy with the level of service Multi Garage Door provided me. I just wanted to say thanks!”

Steve M.

“I operate a large moving warehouse in San Francisco. We receive containers of large items on a daily basis. Our overhead garage doors must be kept functional 24/7 to prevent theft and loss. I wouldn’t trust any other company except Multi Garage Door with all the maintenance and repair work. We had a serious problem with the overhead garage doors a few months back. The doors would not close properly and we didn’t have time to search around. Luckily enough, we had heard about Multi Garage Door through an employee, who had used their residential garage door services in the past. I can definitely say that these guys are the best at what they do! The friendly technician knew what the problem was and had it fixed really quickly. Our business is centered around secure garage doors and nobody knows garage doors quite like Multi Garage Door!”

Orlando R.

“I have a classic 1968 Corvette that must be protected and secured at all times. I contacted Multi Garage Door a few weeks ago, when the door opener wasn’t functioning. Multi Garage Door provided me with a convenient time for repair, so that I could still pick up my youngest daughter from Kindergarten. You really can’t ask for a nicer group of professionals than these guys. I was pleased with the quote as well, which was very fair. The helpful technician named Ron had fixed the problem with the device in less than 20 minutes. We even had a nice chat about muscle cars as well. I would highly recommend using Multi Garage Door.”